Our Team

Our Beliefs

  • All of our jobs focus on our customers.
  • We are only as good as the people we hire
  • To hire and retain the best, we must pay competitively, offer good benefits, and create a work environment that is challenging and fun
  • Every employee is cross-trained in 2-3 different jobs

Forester Moulding employs fully motivated and exceptionally talented individuals. Combined, our people have more than 100 years of industry experience.

As a customer-focused business, we recognize that our success depends upon the quality-conscious, customer-focused values of the people we employ. We strive to pay competitively, provide good benefits, and maintain a challenging and fun work environment.

Team Members

We have many highly qualified and experienced team members who work in a variety of roles. The team members highlighted here are those who work closely with clients to deliver the high quality products and client experience which are emblematic of Forester Moulding and Millwork.

Here at Forester we work with over 30 different woods, but George's favorite has always been cherry.

Abe provides exemplary leadership here at Forester Moulding & Millwork.  His abilities to consider different, sometimes opposing, points of view is exemplified by his "Team of Rivals" approach towards management.

Outside Salesmen

We have the privilege of working with a number of salesmen who very familiar with our products and the expertise we offer.

FDR has collaborated with Forester since the New Deal.